Book Launch

Saturation: An Elemental Politics Book Launch

16 February, 2022

10:00am (PST)


UCSB Literature and Environment Center

Historically, mainstream projections of the future have been conceived, told and sold by those who hold the power and privilege. “The diversified majority (likely you) do not see themselves represented (favourably, if at all) in mainstream projections of the future. Herein lies a spectacular problem. If you are trans or non-binary, or identify as female, two-spirited, Black or Africana, a person of colour, Indigenous, disabled, queer, pansexual, bisexual, homosexual, asexual, intersex, non-monogamous, neurodiverse or other, there is an exceedingly high chance that you do not see your image reflected back. This cavernous lack of diverse representation is not only a clear and yet devastating reflection of society, but its decades of absence is wreaking havoc with the collective ability to be (and feel) heard, valued, relevant and, ultimately, to imagine futures in which we exist, let alone in an equitable or desirable fashion. To put it more succinctly, if you identify more deeply with the liminal spaces of human existence, or have ever felt ‘othered’, you’re most likely not represented in a conception of the future meant to represent a more widely accepted, falsely classified as ‘mainstream’, depiction of the future.”*